Congratulations on completing your first semester at Queens College! Thank you for being such great students. In your academic journey, you’ll continue to use the rhetorical skills you learned in this class. When we began the semester—and throughout it—I discussed with you that writing is a conversation. Each of you have a unique contribution to make to that conversation, so get into conversations with other scholars.

Feel free to download any of the handouts that were especially helpful to you (I especially recommend Socratic Questioning and Effective Paragraphing). With Stuart Hall and theoretical texts in mind, I created a new handout, which I hope you will find useful: Reading (and Writing) for Conversation.

I also strongly recommend that you download or purchase a copy of They Say, I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing, excerpts from which we have used in our class. This book is invaluable in understanding writing as a conversation.

Additionally, some writing resources are listed below. Best of luck as you continue your journey at Queens College.

Queens College Resources

  • The Writing Center in Kiely Hall 229 (phone: 718-997-5676) provides free writing support services to all enrolled Queens College students. Visit the web site to make an appointment:
  • The Tutoring Center in Kiely Hall 127 (phone: 718-997-5677) provides free tutoring to students enrolled in many courses offered at QC.
  • The Language Lab provides one-on-one tutoring for multilingual/ESL/ELL students enrolled in English 110 and 130. Email:
  • Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) in Honors Hall Room 5 (phone: 718-997-5567) provides free tutoring, mentoring, assistance with registration, and free printing (only for students who are in/were in an FYI community [maximum of 10 pages, 2-sided]). Email:

Online Resources

  • The University of North Carolina Writing Center is a helpful reference when you’re at home working on essays and arent able to make it to the Queens College Writing Center.
  • For our class, we used MLA citation style. However, it’s not the only way to cite sources, which will vary according to the area of study. The Purdue OWL Writing Lab is an invaluable reference for citation formatting and styles.
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